Dreamfield Construction – A Sacred Geometry Organic House

The new house of award winning architect Michael Rice. It is named Dreamfield. This video presents images during the construction.

5 Complete House Plans Construction Blueprints AutoCAD DWG and PDF

25 Responses to “Dreamfield Construction – A Sacred Geometry Organic House”

  • Stainlessfights4u:

    @ShpongledMantra Probably someone so hung up on religion, they can’t handle it in the music.

  • Lost8Wizard:

    Very cool! congrats!

  • ShpongledMantra:

    Who would dislike this?

  • nicholaspkelly:

    @ushouldbesolucky2 Hi there 🙂 It is truely a stunning house. The main focus of the budget was focused on making sure the external structure can deal with the Irish climate. The internal finish uses less expensive materials and have been very cleverly designed and applied. You might want to check out: Dreamfield to Realfield for more recent images of Dreamfield.


  • ushouldbesolucky2:

    This house is to drool for. I love it. What kind of budget did you guys finally go with?

  • nicholaspkelly:

    @Hipster420 Hi Hipster, please check out the video section on bioarchitecture.ie and you’ll see we have a video there showing the advanced stages of the build as it nears completion. We will have a video of the completed house betimes.


  • nicholaspkelly:

    @Vice81 Well said Vice, the principles are timeless. Certainly, sacred geometry is found in some of the oldest man-made structures.


  • Indigozek:

    @TruthSmack Yes it would be unhealthy to live in a metal box. Check out Dan Winter and the work that he has done on phase conjugation. When you have a structure that is made out of natural materials, with sacred geometric shapes, it “enhances life”. When you live in a non sacred geometric house that is made out of steel it is basically killing you. There is a bioelectric field around our body, and fractals based off Phi can create a similar field which implodes charge (creates life).

  • Hipster420:

    is there a vid of the finished house?

  • 0001kd:


  • theoje143:

    Building Control must love you! Good job.

  • nicholaspkelly:

    @TruthSmack We have come up with a perfect solution for this scenarion TruthSmack. Please stay tuned and we will be unveiling a new and exciting project for low-cost, mortgage free BioArchitecture homes!! Really exciting.

  • TruthSmack:

    Extremely Impressive! Congratulations!!!!!
    Do you think it would be unhealthy to live in a metal box? I am thinking of constructing a cabin out of a shipping container that could be shipped around the world. However I am concerned about fung shui and resonating with the earths energies. Any advice?

  • Vice81:

    Beautifull stuff, I can’t help but think that if the celts had created a proper centralized civilization the architecture would have looked something like this, it cobines the best of indian/middle eastern spherical shapes along with chinese curves.

  • HolliValsMusic:

    From a CD called The Songs of Distant Earth inspired by the book by Arthur C. Clarke.

  • pegobuilders:

    very impressive

  • imposiblegermany:

    The Mother Ship has landed and She is very happy ..Dreamfield is breathtaking ,what a place to call home

  • adamminion:

    the song is by mike oldfield its called in the begining.

  • janhudsonfoundress:

    beyond stunning…visionary, genuis, uplifting, inspiring, nothing but the essential, creating the essence of beauty ….. and pushing the boundaries of architecture and design to a place that dwells deep inside us no matter who we are we understand it…..you can feel the breath of the cosmos in the space I aspire to see it someday ……

  • imagicination:

    the more I look at it the more I love it

  • tranquilvortex:

    I had no idea that homes could be like this!

  • greeneyeddziewczyna:

    simply breathtaking

    and what is the name of this song!!!!

  • Shinasstar:

    No boundaries in design, imagination, creation, beauty and love..it’s the future…Mine is much smaller (haha) but built with the comfort and compassion that flows through this design from the heart…truly a masterpiece..thank you for sharing it with us, Namaste

  • CryPixie83:

    Stunningly beautiful!!

  • rawqween:

    absolutely beautiful and inspired…Steiner would be proud! Btw, can you please tell me what the music accompannying this vid is- equally stunning! Many thanks and Blessings