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Visit LeapAdaptive Releases the Hummingbird, a hybrid nest for people. Leap Adaptive today releases its newest product, the Hummingbird. This beautiful little 480sf design responds exactly and intelligently to important concerns in today’s housing market. It is well designed to meet the needs of a specific kind of home buyer, their architects and designers, as well as the builder, in every detail. The open design of the floor plan lends itself easily to design and customization requirements to meet or exceed the buyer’s expectations. The design allows complete freedom in applying those elements of style, quality of fixtures, fittings, and finishes that will create the precise environment they desire. Leap Adaptive has assured the underlying qualities of environmental responsibility, quality of construction, a clean, perfectly executed design and durability combine an open plan that allows complete creative freedom without concern for the underlying structure. On this high quality platform, the discriminating designer and buyer can fully develop their artistic and creative intentions, and a great builder can execute them perfectly. It is a welcoming environment, creating the exact feel and sensibility for which the home is intended, whether that is a simple rustic home in the country, or a stylish and elegant small urban living space. From the person most concerned with responsible use of resources to someone concerned with high style and high quality

5 Complete House Plans Construction Blueprints AutoCAD DWG and PDF

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