The Sims 3 – House 31 – Eris Estate – Part 6

Don’t forget to like, comment, befriend and SUBSCRIBE!!! CHANNEL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Here’s the link: Hi there! I had just gotten my hands on the February and March store sets so I thought I’d take a quick squizz at them… which then lead to me working on part 6! If you want to know how I get the sets then I suggest you like me on Facebook then =P I’m not particularly happy with the bathroom, sure it looks nice and all, but for a normal bathroom, I feel it’s just a bit too extravagant I guess? Which means that when it comes to the en suite I really need to kick it up a notch so the bathroom doesn’t over shadow… but then again, that’s just me so tell me what you think about it. Also, it’s safe to say I’m addicted to the 2 shades of grey stone pattern which I used for the tiles, walls…. counter tops… bath and everything else in this part… I love it! That’s pretty much the video, the toilet is small and quick, and the laundry has a neat wardrobe/ linen cupboard which I may start making for the bedrooms. Finally, I’ve made 2 house plans for my course which I want to transfer over to Sims which I’ll probably do after I get at least this house done. I don’t really want to be juggling 4 different houses at once so stay tuned for that!!! That’s pretty much all there is for now! Until next time… You know the drill: Stay tuned! Get excited!! and Enjoy!!!

5 Complete House Plans Construction Blueprints AutoCAD DWG and PDF

25 Responses to “The Sims 3 – House 31 – Eris Estate – Part 6”

  • livingreat28:

    Ok where did you get the tools in the garage? I need that.

  • SeelCity:

    Me encantan los accesoriios!

  • chebello6x:

    Wow, this is really great. You put so much detail into everything, never sloppy. But I agree the bathroom is a bit over the top. :3

  • jayjay111ful:

    YAY i love that wardrobe!:)

  • Sim3Time:

    looking great! Im really liking the colour scheme and the stone like pattern you used for the tiles it looks really great. A triumph of a house as always 🙂

  • Gibbygurl7:

    Awww you did this on my birthday!!! Lol. I love this.
    Best sims house i ever seen

  • Swanmaiden4:

    @fabiotocchi yes he does

  • AlyTheFlirtyRockstar:

    Nice bathroom, guy. Me likey.

  • LuigiRules:

    much love!!!
    hang around for an hour because im currently uploading part 7 as we speak, it says it has 42 mins left so stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FreakyLoveBunny:

    I really like what you did with the wardrobe!
    you could make a walk in wardrobe with that (just an opinion)

    I really like your effort on making the houses, they always amaze me 🙂
    thanks for giving us ideas and sharing your ideas with us!!! ♡

  • fabiotocchi:

    do you use moveobjects?

  • simstorial:

    @joshyjosh3939 I’ve still been here. I need to put videos on more often so that everyone can keep up to date with what’s happening.

  • LukeMcBrick:

    Thumbs up so we can get Luigi to do Commentary!,

    Come on, Let the Fan’s Voice be Heard!

  • joshyjosh3939:

    @simstorial hey simstorial long time no see 🙂

  • TheHippyhopp:

    TS3 = Timesplitters 3
    TS2 = Timesplitters 2

    its true…

  • cj1319:

    I agree with simstorial… a commentary would be awesome

  • jayolean:

    Your videos make me want to play TS3! I still haven’t made the switch from TS2 to TS3, but your videos definitely make me want to try it out.

  • simstorial:

    The music at the very begining sound just like the Sims 1…

    Dave, have you considered putting a voice over into your videos?

  • vladimir172:

    @SpecialQue85 I know me too!! now I just rush, and it always end up bad.

  • SpecialQue85:

    I miss having the patience and time to do my own houses

  • darius3302:

    awesome ive been watching your vids for like a long time >_<.... i couldn't think abt from when around the house 5 series tho your an awesome builder i hope you make art like this at work

  • adgurl01:

    Forgive the stupid question: do you use custom content or is that all stuff from EA and/or the Exchange?

  • MrEedamame:

    You’re amazing…

  • Legolad229:

    You are a very talented Sims 3 builder

  • wariq12345:

    @shaffirxd it’s part of the eco pack on the store site at it’s free so go check it out 🙂